How Long Can Marinated Chicken Stay In The Fridge


How Long Can Marinated Chicken Stay In The Fridge

how long can marinated chicken stay in the fridge


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8th Course: Sake-Marinated Black Cod

8th Course: Sake-Marinated Black Cod
(Rollover picture)

Broiled sake-marinated Alaskan black cod in a shiso broth. The broth contained cilantro and carrot slices. The lacquered fish was topped with a sprinkling of white sesame seeds.

Note: This is Executive Chef Sone’s "signature" dish. When this dish appeared, the first thing I sensed was the immensely fragrant shiso broth – minty and herbally.

Honestly, I thought this dish was very good, but I the fish was just a tad dry, which was a shame – and surprising in light of black cod’s butteri-fattiness. The fish was not as sweet as its lacquered-look suggests – which is not necessarily bad, just unexpected. The broth, however, was stellar. It not only added flavor to the fish, but also helped moisten the rather dry corners and meat towards the top. The inside and bottom of the fish were still silky.

The broth, besides containing shiso, also had slices of carrot and cilantro. Overall, very good, but I’ve definitely had more successful versions elsewhere.


Stage one of green elf peter sandwiches: beans marinating overnight in sweet & sour sauce.
how long can marinated chicken stay in the fridge